We all live such busy lives, it is often so much easier to hop into a shower as opposed to taking a bath, but by doing so we are truly depriving ourselves of one of lifes greatest luxuries, a long hot bath after a busy day is not only cleansing, but deeply therapeutic, however, for me personally, the best way to enjoy a bath is when I have the house to myself, in the daytime preferably, here I can relax and recharge, listen to some music or a podcast and really appreciate the moment.
I do however like to plan my little spa time, usually I will add some salts and essential oils to my bath water, lavender and a little marjoram are two of my favorites, or if you feel anxious and wish to feel calmer, pop a couple of chamomile tea bags in the water,light some soy candles, I always choose some crystals to enhance the experience, lots of quartz and rose quartz, to complete the experience I will play some soft music and fill a favourite crystal glass with some ice cubes and cherry juice.
And relax…..Making bath time a sacred experience is self healing and we all deserve a little of that.