Hand blended Aromatherapy and crystal bath treatment Love blend.




Crazy little thing called Love!

Whether your heart is breaking or aching for a new love, or perhaps you are working on loving yourself, these hand blended bath salts are sure to open your heart chakra and allow some deep healing and nurturing.
Made from organically sourced Pink Himalayan salt and magnesium sulphate, this little jar smells like a little piece of Heaven, containing essential oils of Jasmine, Rose, ylang ylang and rose petals, it also comes with a piece of rose quartz, crystal of the heart chakra and an affirmation for you.
Simply sprinkle the contents of your jar into a hot bath, take your rose quartz in too, then relax in peace and quiet, whilst allowing the fragrance to invade your senses.
At bedtime place your rose quartz and your affirmation under your pillow, repeating it mentally as you drift off into a blissful sleep.


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