Hand blended Aromatherapy and crystal bath treatment to attract abundance




Good luck Charm!

We can all use a little help now and then, to make our dreams come true, why not harness the power of essential oils and crystals to weave a little manifesting magic?
Made from a blend of organic Himalayan pink salt and magnesium sulphate, essential oils of Cinnamon, sweet orange, mint and pine, rose petals and a lovely piece of green aventurine, also known as the stone of good luck.An affirmation just for you completes the package.
Simply add the contents to a hot bath, including your crystal, relax and bathe for as long as you like, whilst visualizing your wishes coming true. When you retire to bed, place your crystal under your pillow, repeat your affirmation mentally ten times before sleep and carry your crystal with you until your desires manifest.


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