Hand blended Aromatherapy and crystal bath treatment for Apathy




Lift me up!

For those days or nights when we feel like not only have we lost our mojo but there is a strong possibility it has hopped on a plane and threatened never to return, this blend invigorates yet balances.
Made from organic Himalayan pink salt and magnesium sulphate, incorporating essential oils of sweet basil,grapefruit and peppermint, rose petals and blue cornflowers.An orange carnelian is supplied also an affirmation just for you.
Simply add the contents including your crystal to a hot bath, soak for as long as you like whilst setting the intention to let go of whatever it is that is blocking you from feeling true joy.
When you retire to bed, place your crystal under your pillow and silently repeat your affirmation ten times before sleep, knowing that Tomorrow is another day.


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