Ahh Happiness! that elusive beast that ducks and dives in and out of our lives like hot Summer days in the bleak North!

Of course none of us are 100% happy all of the time, indeed there are times when life serves us a rather huge order of grief,distress or worry, in those cases happiness appears impossible.But for the most part, when life is ticking along either comfortably or comfortably numb,as the case may be, we have a choice, we can choose to be in charge of how we feel,I know this might sound rather flippant on the whole, but stay with me!
This post is basically about extreme self care, if you continually suffer from low mood or depression, then I urge you to seek professional help from your GP at the very least, however for most of us, there is always inner work we can do,Maya Angelou famously said ‘If you can’t change something, change the way you think about it’ wise words indeed.
How do you change your thoughts in order to find happiness? step one is to actually claim your right to be happy, we were not put on this Earth to live a life of perpetual gloom, we are here to learn, grow and prosper in all areas of our lives, so today tell yourself, despite what is going on elsewhere, you are a divine being of the Universe and you are going to be happy Damn it!
Is there one thing that keeps you from being happy? A person,a job,guilt,fear? identify your blocks, take a look at them,they are not you, they are not even a part of you, they are outside influences, which potentially could change in a heartbeat,let it go, will it matter in a few years time? No, so why not enjoy your life now.
Be mindful, live in the moment, it is the sure fire way of eliminating anxiety,focus on Today, what is good about today? Did you have a comfortable bed to sleep in? Hot Coffee in your favourite cup? how fortunate are you? give gratitude, it will attract more of the good stuff.
Take note of even the smallest niceties during your day, was it sunny on your lunch break? did your dog give you a big slobbery kiss this morning?embrace it all, your feelgood barometer is moving in the right direction.
Finally when you go to bed at night, think back over your day and recall five good things that have happened, either for you or around you, keep an Amethyst crystal by your bedside and go to sleep feeling…..well, Happy!

Hand painted Affirmation stone by Lisa at www.barefootdreamer.co.uk