Tonight we will encounter a full moon,not just any full moon, but a blue moon!it is also known as the flower moon, a name given by native Americans who relate the event to the seasons. This time of year the earth is at her most fertile, all around us she is awakening after a long winter, just look at our gardens and parks, blooms are opening and flourishing, this then is the metaphor of this full moon, it is time to grow and shine!
A blue moon is quite rare, the last one being around May 2016, what were you doing three years ago? how has your life changed since then? now is a good time to take stock and perhaps re asses your goals.
Astrologers are saying that this full moon in particular is going to be a bit of an emotional shake up, dont be surprised if you feel overly sensitive around this time, the moon tends to shine a light on that which we need to address,self care is extremely important over the next few days, eat properly, ensure you have enough sleep and drink lots of water.
Finally, as most of you will be doing already, get those crystals out overnight under the full moon! if you cant put them outside, place them on a windowsill with the curtains open, the moon will cleanse and recharge.