A Crystal grid is one of my favourite ways of working with crystals, there are any number of books on the market to help you create a grid, but basically a grid is you setting the intention to heal a certain situation by harnessing the power of certain stones. You can buy grids in many forms, for example wood, copper,glass, or as shown in the image, a fabric one, there are also a number of designs to choose from, this is entirely personal choice! As with choosing crystals you may feel drawn to a certain grid.
So what can you use a grid for exactly? basically anything! it is a fantastic manifesting tool,for healing, to draw in prosperity or love, or maybe for protection.
Crystal grids draw together the combined energy of groups of crystals and sacred geometry, creating an energy shift in a certain situation, therefore making the desired changes.
Before setting your grid up, take some time to really think about it,what is it you want to manifest? are you prepared to take the steps to achieve it? once you are really committed,write it down, if you are Reiki trained put your symbols on the back, this will sit underneath your grid.
To make your grid once you have chosen your template, you need to decide what exactly you are using your grid to attract, let us say for example you would like more financial prosperity, the crystal in the centre of your grid should be larger than the others as this is the main focus, I would probably choose a piece of citrine, then surround it with quartz points to amplify the energy,these stones are the ‘way’to achieve your desire,my next layer would possibly be green aventurine , again this layer is about your desire,the outer layer I would use grounding and protecting crystals such as tourmaline or smoky quartz to protect against negative energies or thought patterns which could potentially sabotage your plans.
Finally, it is up to you how long you use your grid for, a week, a month? set a time and keep your grid somewhere where it cant be disturbed,give energy to it every day,why not take a photo of it with your phone then you can even give it your attention when you are not at home? whatever you do, enjoy the process, intention is a powerful tool, make yours good ones!