I have worked with a variety of clients from all over the world and from many walks of life. I have been asked the same questions many times.

How do I know I am receiving Angelic guidance?

How do I know that the messages are real and from the Angels and that I have not made them up or imagined them?’

Will the Angels really have time to answer everyone?

I am sure there have been times in your life when you have been filled with self-doubt and insecurity when it seems all hope is gone:

The death of a loved one.

The ending of a relationship.

Endings of any kind can be difficult.

Moving home, moving jobs, moving continents.

It is during these trying times, that we quite often look for divine intervention and pray for help. Angels have been in our history books since the earliest writings of man, portrayed as winged human-like forms, helping mankind, so it is not a new concept.

I believe they come in many forms, so as not to scare us or startle us, something or someone we will be comfortable with, feel safe.

I can only speak from my perception and my experience, of what I believe, and leave it up to the reader to interpret it as they will.

The Angels are there to guide us, not to make our life decisions for us. You were born with free will, and they respect and honour that.

Angelic guidance is just that, not telling you what to do, but showing you the full picture, so you are able to make better choices, through dreams and experiences that feels different , that feels right.

The Angels are loving, very patient and caring, giving you as much time as you need, with gentle nudges, in the form of inspiration. Ideas that just pop into your head when you least expect them. The more you open yourself up to the possibility of their influence, the more evidence will present itself to you.

They have your highest interest and happiness as their top priority. The angels work within the principles of free will; therefore, it is up to us to ask for their help. The only time they would intervene is to save you from an untimely death or accident, which could interfere with your predestined timeline.

Once you begin to call upon angel guidance, the most important attributes to have are faith and trust.

They always hear your requests and always respond accordingly. Guidance will be delivered to you in a way you can accept when the time is right.

Angels are non-judgemental and come from pure love.

They encourage us on our way to participate fully in our life, have fun and play.

“Deny yourself not and appreciate what you have got, is what they like to say.” Siris

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